Having grown up watching my mother sew all my outfits from appliquéd ballet dancers on a pink dress to hand stitching 1000’s of sequins for my formal dress, her attention to detail, flair and perseverance has definitely molded my creativity, skills and drive.

During my studies of Jewellery Design at Charles Sturt University I started doing millinery night courses at the community college. After winning the Wagga Wagga Gold Cup Millinery Award in 2008, 2009 and 2010 I was set on the path to want to make hats for the rest of my life.



I believe that the uniqueness of my label comes from my exploration of design and the process of experimenting and pushing the confines of what people expect.

Cutting a feather so that it no longer looks like a feather. Getting a flat ribbon and giving it life as if its purpose was to be that luscious bow resting gracefully on your hat.

There is a unique sculptural elegance to each piece, the line and balance of each hat marries back down to the head of the wearer making them feel comfortable and confident.

My Very first win at Fashions on the field

My Very first win at Fashions on the field


My Very First Hat!